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Halloween Funny WitchWelcome Ghouls, Ghosties and Things That Go Bump in the Night!

This wiki is here for anyone and everyone who enjoys the fun side of Halloween - feel free to contribute, but do remember Family Friendly only please - this is about fun!

The Slime family - I'm Susy, have long been fans of Halloween - and we celebrate in style. Any new ideas are always much appreciated! We love all the Halloween Funny Stuff that you can do,.

So where does Halloween come from as a festival...

There are those who try to make us think that the dead actually walk the earth on Halloween - do they or don't they - I don't know - do you? Halloween these days is about having a fun holiday with slightly spooky overtones - something that has grown from autumn celebrations in many different cultures.

The Celtic tribes of Europe celebrated different festivals at different times of year, the autumn festival was known as Samhain (pronounced “saw-in") It was a festival that commemorated the lives of dead ancestors and members of the tribe. It wasn't about celebrating 'good' or 'bad' people, just anyone who had died, the veil between the physical and the spirit world was lifted at this time according to their beliefs and the spirits would walk the earth again, visiting those who had come after them. The spirits were welcomed, or appeased, by gifts of food and by the burning of bright bonfires.

Funny Halloween PumpkinBecause people have always been afraid of things they don't understand, some began to believe it was a time when evil spirits would blight crops and homes if they were not given gifts. In medieval times the Christian Church decided to move the feast of All Saints or All Hallows to November 1st to coincide with the earlier pagan festival, just as Easter and Christmas do. Poor people would go from door to door offering to say prayers for the dead of the family in return for food or money - Souling it was called - and this is probably the beginning of Trick or Treat.

Old habits die hard though and people would still dress to try and pretend that they were one of the spirits, wearing masks and costumes so that the spirits would think they were one of them, and not a fearful living being. Lanterns were made from Turnips - and still are in parts of Europe. These have developed into the larger Jack O'lanterns and carved pumpkins that are so much a symbol of Halloween now.

Over the generations All Hallows Eve (Oct 31st) has become Hallowe'en and rather than drifting between the worlds we dress up to scare each other - in a fun way, and have parties and celebrations - and the kids go Trick or Treating with their friends, turning the whole neighborhood into one big party. Funny Halloween costumes, games and decorations add to the atmosphere and everyone should enjoy themselves and not get too worried about the ghouls and ghosties and things that bump in the night....

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